Videos from the Conference 'Sound Talking'

An interdisciplinary workshop on 'language describing sound / sound emulating language'

Friday, 3rd November 2017

Dana Research Centre, London Science Museum


See the videos from the day below:
David M Howard, 'The Sound of Voice and the Voice of Sound'
Jonathan Andrews, 'Bedlam as Soundscape: Noise at Early Modern Bethlem'
Mariana Lopez, 'The Language of Sound: Creating Accessible Film Expereince for Visually Impaired Audiences'
Alex Kolkowski, Historic Object Demonstration
Brecht De Man, '"A Bit more Oomph": The Language of Music Production'
Melissa Dickson, 'Sounding Out the Body: The Nineteenth Century Stethoscope and the Language of the Heart'


Maria Chait, 'The Auditory System as the Brain's Early Warning System'
Trevor Cox, 'Categories for Quotidian Sounds'