Podcast: Victorian Light Night, an interview with The Projection Studio

How do you turn five years of research into a spectacular light and sound show?

As you may have seen, Ross Ashton and Karen Monid from The Projection Studio expertly answered this question in their incredible projection 'Victorian Speed of Life'. Using research from our project and sound and images from the Victorian era, Ross and Karen took audiences from pre-railroad to Industrial Britain, showcasing all of the cultural, social, technological changes that created modern life--and, of course, its attendant diseases.

Humanities Oxford Being Human

Light Projection on Humanities Building Oxford (Photo credit: Stuart Bebb)

You can see a video recording of the final project on our blog here.

It's been a few months since the show, but we still had a few lingering questions for The Projection Studio: How do you make something on the huge scale of a light and sound spectacular? What challenges did our research present? How did our project impact your work and future projects?

Recently, Principal Investigator Sally Shuttleworth had the opportunity to ask these questions directly to Ross and Karen. Hear the answers in the podcast here, which features audio from the show itself!

(In case you prefer to listen to it using your computer's internal speakers, rather than headphones, you might prefer this version: https://anchor.fm/diseasesmodlife/episodes/After-the-Show-Remastered-for-Speakers-e4086k)