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Technological anxieties: telecom towers and public health controversies in urban India

The News of Empire Telegraphy, Journalism, and the Politics of Reporting in Colonial India C. 1830-1900

Imperial Posts and Telegraphs

Telegraphy and Journalism in Colonial India, c. 1830s to 1900s

The 'Indian Coolie Mission' in Fiji: Discourses of Labour, Religion and Race in the Australasian Methodist Missionary Review

"19-seiki Indo ni okeru shimbun to gijutsu: Denshin wo jirei ni" [Newspapers and Technology in Nineteenth-Century India: The Case of the Telegraph]

'All the News That's Fit to Print?' Reuter's Telegraphic News Service in Colonial India

Translation of Chapter 3 of Akiko Yamasaki, Kindai Nihon no "shugei" to jenda ["Handicrafts" and Gender in Modern Japan]

The Medium and Its Message: Reporting the Austro-Prussian War in the Times of India